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KNOMI spol. s r.o.
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Roztylská 1860/1
148 00 Praha 4 - Chodov

IČ: 46713603 | DIČ: CZ46713603

Společnost zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 88546

Branch Office Bratříkov
Bratříkov 63
468 21 Bratříkov

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Numerous renowned companies producing agricultural devices, trucks, construction machines and other hydraulic machines in the Czech Republic as well as abroad have tested the quality of our products during our long lasting cooperation. Most of our products are on stock and ready to be shipped to customers - this allows us to swiftly react to their needs.

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Knomi is a producer of quick-release couplings with a ball-locking mechanism in sizes 10,12,5 and 20 according to ISO 7241-A. This means that it is possible to combine couplers from various manufacturers if they are the same size. ISO 12,5 are the most common coupling found in various areas of mobile hydraulics. Threaded couplings type ZS20 are used in some Zetor tractors. They are compatible with ZSR couplings, but enhanced in some details compared to them.

RK-12 couplings with a bayonet lock are widely used in the Czech republic and in Slovakia. These couplers are very reliable and resilient. Knomi is the market leader in the production of these couplings.


Our fittings are made according to ČSN, DIN, ISO and SAE standards. Straight fittings are made from bars, T and L type fittings from forged semi-products. Our fittings are mostly made of leaded steel, but we are capable of producing them from different materials as well. Our offer includes nipples, reducers, adaptors, nuts, cutting rings and much more!

Fittings according to ISO 8434-1

These fittings are made with a 24° connecting cone (direct fittings, T,X, L type fittings, adjustable fittings, welding fittings, nuts and cutting rings). Furthermore, Knomi offers plugs, reducers, banjo fittings and more. These fittings are usually made with metric and pipe threads and are the base of our production.

Fittings according to ISO 8434-2

Fittings according to this norm are made with 74° connecting cone and their construction is derived from US standards. Threads of these fittings are mostly UN, pipe, NPT and metric and can be connected to pipes with metric as well as G-series threads. Pipe ends need to be formed prior to connection.

Fittings according to ISO 8434-3

This system is used while connecting pipes to fittings with straight face. The connection is sealed by an O-ring and is commonly labeled “ORFS” (O Ring Face Sealing). These fittings use UN, pipe, NPT and metric threads and can be connected to tubes of metric as well as G-serie threads. Pipe ends need to be formed prior to connection.

Straight Fittings, fittings from forged semi-products and nuts are made of leaded steel grade 11SMnPb30. Parts for welding are made of materials for this purpose. Some nuts from forged semi products are made of C10C material. We are also able to supply stainless fittings from 1.4305 grade steel or other grades according to customer specification. PA inserts for pneumatic circuits are made of brass. Dust protectors for couplings are made of polyethylene.

Sealing materials
“O” rings and rings for sealing face type “E” for serial production NBR hardness Shore A approx. 90, temperature range -30 °C to 100 °C. On request also ELASTOSIL hardness Shore A approx. 70, temperature range -50 °C to 200 °C or FPM elastomer Shore A approx. 80-90, temperature range -20 °C to 180 °C.

Surface Treatments
Fittings and couplings are surface treated by galvanic zinc coating with a thick chromate passivation (CrVI free) and sealing (Fe/Zn12/AT2 according to ČSN EN ISO 2081). Different surface treatments are possible according to customer specification (Fe/ZnNi, phosphating etc.)

Steel pipes according to ČSN EN 10305-1 made of E235 (11 353) material are recommended for accurate seamless connection of hydraulic components using fittings and cutting rings while other materials are applicable where necessary. Fittings fit to the purpose are used for stainless tubes./p>

Fittings according to ISO 8434-1 are made in 3 pressure ranges. – LL for pipe diameters 4-8 mm, L for pipe diameters 6-42 mm, S – heavy for pipe diameters 6-38 mm. Fittings according to ISO 8434-2 are made for pipe diameters 6-50 mm (1/4"-2"). Please, see the listed norms for pressure ranges.

Ukázka výrobního prostředí..
Ukázka výrobního prostředí..
Ukázka výrobního prostředí..

Please, do not hesitate to see our products in our catalogue here.